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Racquets, Sneakers,Stringing and Accessories….

We carry the newest line of Wilson and Babolat Racquets along with Asics and Wilson Sneakers at the lowest price anywhere! Guaranteed to our members only! Did you know Demonstration Racquets are also now available? Ask us for details.

SPECIAL OFFER: Get 1 free 1/2 hour with the ball machine to demo a new racquet (one time only).

Stringing and Stencils
Tim Steere – Member of the United States Racquet Stringers Association.

Tim has been stringing for 10 years at Rally Point and has kept up with all of the latest stringing techniques and technology. Our new Bairdo stringing machine is the best around!

We have a wide variety of strings in stock.

Stringing Benefits at Rally Point

  • Tennis computer available for testing tension.
  • Wide variety of grips, over grips, and dampeners.
  • Fast stringing turn around.
  • Grommet and grip inspection and replacement.
  • Wide variety of strings available.
  • Detailed inspection of grommet strips before stringing.
  • We also have stenciling available.