Beginner Instructional Clinic

Learn The Game.

Whether you have never picked up a tennis racquet or you have not played since you were a child, we are here to help you learn the wonderful game of tennis from the ground up.

Learn The 4 Main Grips.

With different grips for forehands, backhands, serves and volleys,
it is critical that you learn the correct way to hold your tennis racquet.

Practice Your Swing.

Start Low. Finish High.
And do not forget to follow through.
With so much to remember in one motion, continuous practice is key.

Find Consistency.

With practice comes consistency.
Our tennis professionals will help you reach a new level of continuous play. You will be playing before you know it.

Tennis is good for you.

Keep Your Heart Healthy While Making New Friends.

Fun for all ages and proven to be excellent for both mental and physical fitness, tennis is a great choice when it comes to finding a life long sport. All ages, sizes, genders and expertise levels are welcome to play.

In a study looking at 8 different sports it was identified that tennis players had the longest life expectancy, by about 10 years! -USTA New England

Beginners & Intermediates:

We Are Here To Help.

Learn where to stand, all standard grips, service motions and how to keep score while having fun in a group of other adults at your same level.

Monday Afternoon<br>12:30-2:00pm

Come one, Come all.
Start off your week on one of two courts full of new tennis friends.

Monday Night<br>5:30-7:00pm

Monday nights were made for tennis. Head to Rally Point after a long day to take your mind off the Monday blues.

Tuesday Night<br>5:15-6:30pm

With three courts full of beginner tennis players, you are sure to make some friends while you learn the game.

Tuesday Night<br>6:30-7:45pm

For those who cannot make it to Rally Point right from work, this group is planned perfectly for after dinner time.

Thursday Night<br>6:45-8:15pm

One of our livliest nights in the club, Thursdays nights are great for staying a while after playing with your friends.

Saturday Morning<br>10:00-11:00am

No extra time during the work week?
We also have an option for you.
Join us on Saturdays to learn to play.

Rally Point Tennis

Sometimes The Easiest Way To Learn Is To Jump Right In.

Taking on a new sport can be both uncomfortable and challenging.

Our experienced team of fun tennis professionals are ready to take both of those words out of describing your beginner experience. Contact us to come in for a try-out and to hear more about the best options for you!

Finding A Beginner Group That Works For You Is Simple.

Reach out to us anytime via phone or email to start down a rewarding path of both physical and mental wellness.