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Rally Point Tennis

Let’s Go To USTA Nationals Together.

With more than a handful of Rally Point’s USTA Teams making it to Nationals each year, you are sure to have your chance at the ultimate trophy.

Womens 18+

Playing 3 doubles lines and 2 singles lines each match, you can take your turn at both options against other women your level.

Womens 40+

With only one singles line per match, no one has to worry too much about having to take on their opponents alone.

Womens 55+

No matter where you are in life, playing on a USTA team (or two) makes sure that tennis will always be a part of your life.

Mens 18+

You are guatanteed some heart-pumping competition as one of 2 singles players or in a doubles match against others your level.

Mens 40+

The fun continues as you progess through life. With the option to play on multiple teams, you will have no trouble being active.

Mens 55+

USTA 55+ matches are doubles players only. Find a team to join or start your own to ensure you do not miss out o the fun.

Rather Play Mixed Doubles?

We also have plenty of USTA Mixed Doubles Teams for anyone that is looking for a spot.

Rally Point Tennis

We have Mixed Doubles Teams for All Ages.

No matter your ability level, we have a USTA Mixed Doubles team for you.

Mixed 18+

Go straight from high school tennis or start new as a young professional onto a USTA Mixed Doubles team thats right for you.

Mixed 40+

Fun is an understatement when it comes to Mixed Doubles. We can help you find a team that matches your schedule and ability.

Mixed 55+

With only 3 doubles lines played per match, it is easy to gather enough teammates to start a doubles team of your very own.

Come And Party With Us.

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